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Hill’s Electric Motor Service, Inc., founded in 1962, is a leading service center and distribution company located on the eastern shore of Maryland in the heart of the Delmarva Peninsula. Surrounded by an ever growing population of Mid-Atlantic cities and yet being located in an agriculturally based area fueled by poultry production has allowed Hill’s to develop expertise and inventories to support a broad range of customers.

The repair side of the business can accommodate up to 1000HP electric motor repair, is recognized as an EASA shop, and offers UL certification for motors in hazardous areas. A primary focus for the company resides in municipal water and wastewater markets and includes repairs for submersible pumps, submersible mixers, aerators, centrifugal blowers, and much more. “Sole Source” buying is a major priority for these same repairs and allows Hill’s to offer reduced costs with factory parts. Other industries served by the repair shop includes; aggregate, food processing, plastics, grain, lumber, and more.

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The distribution side of the company is driven by one of the largest inventories of new motors and AC drives in the Mid-Atlantic region. The motor inventory of over 3000 units includes sizes through 500HP and many types like TEFC, vertical hollowshaft, explosion proof, and washdown duty. Due to the large number of poultry processors in Hill’s territory they have become one of the largest distributors on the east coast for these products. The selection of washdown duty motors is huge and includes; white washdown motors, stainless steel washdown motors, paint free washdown motors, epoxy encapsulated motors, and motors fitted with Hill’s special washdown conversions.

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